About #planBelize


How can we build a Belize that works for everyone? How can we secure a prosperous, peaceful and sustainable future for our nation? #planBelize was developed as a way to answer these questions. #planBelize is a comprehensive and multidimensional plan that seeks to take Belize into a new era. It is a plan that wants to transform our country into a place where everybody fi win!

At the heart of our plan is the aspirations of the Belizean people. It is their hopes, dreams and ambitions that serve as the inspiration for our vision. It is a people-centred vision, one that takes into consideration every age, ethnicity and industry. #planBelize. It is a plan for the farmer in the north and the fisher in the south, the labourer in the city and the teacher in the countryside.This vision was made possible by listening to the base of our party and the Belizean public in general, by paying attention to the needs of our constituents and the wisdom of our community leaders.

Polished with the technical knowledge and experience of experts from a wide range of fields, we are eager to present our plan to you. Learn about how we plan to use education to invest in our country’s future, how we plan to strengthen and diversify the economy in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Find out how we will work towards eliminating poverty and crime in our communities and strengthen the trust we put in our public institutions. Let us show you how we will bolster development in the countryside by including our rural communities in the national picture.

We invite you to be a part of the most ambitious plan ever put forward for Belizean progress. We invite you to be a part of #planBelize.