About PUP


The evolution of the People’s United Party is intimately tied to the evolution of modern Belizean history. The workers of a backwards and neglected colony fought an unprecedented battle for social justice that gave birth to the modern nationalist movement. It was out of this movement that the PUP was founded in 1950 The PUP went on to lead the movement that gave birth to it, achieving self-government in 1964 and independence in 1981. The PUP remains tied to its roots of social justice and a peaceful, constructive revolution as it seeks to continue the work of the party’s founders by taking Belize into a prosperous future.



The People’s United Party was founded in 1950 to protect and defend the rights and lives of the people of then British Honduras who lived under colonial rule. The hard work, dedication and determination of men like George Price, Leigh Richardson, John Smith, Nicholas Pollard Sr. and many others forged the early path towards what would be self-government and later, Independence. The same principles, morals and determination of that time are the trademarks of the People’s United Party today. We are determined to continue to Serve the People, to stand strong with them against oppression, whether it be from abroad or from within our borders. We are determined to grow our country and people and to defend to the last breath our sovereignty. We are committed to the Economic Independence of Belize, to the restoration of stability and security and to the unity of all our people.